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Tug of war is one of the most popular games in the dog world. Dogs love to play because it allows them to display their instincts. It is also a great way to strengthen your bond with your pet and help him develop confidence and social skills. If you are searching for an engaging and interactive toy from which your pup can derive lots of enjoyment, look no further than Chelsy's Toys Original Tug Toy!

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Whether you have a pup that loves to run and play or one that prefers lounging around the house, you'll know that they need some mental and physical exercise. After all, dogs are pack animals by nature and need to be able to expend energy with their pack.

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We just love social media and the accounts we interact with the most.

There are so many amazing Instagram pet accounts, so we wrote this post to share a few of our favorites!

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Are Tug Toys Good For Your Dogs?  The simple answer is yes, in most cases.  There are always going to be that dog that does not fit into a typical seniario but in general playing tug-o-war with your dog is a very healthy exercise for your dog and YOU!   We asked Alyse at Purely Balanced K9 Training to share her thoughts. She said, “Playing tug with your dog is a fantastic way to build motivation and drive. Tug is a natural instinct your dog has, so why not use that to your advantage? When a dog feels something moving...

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Our Spring Collection is now available for a limited time only! Grab yours today.

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