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Valentine's Day is the time to share your love with those that you adore the most.  This time of the year always helps us remember whom we love the most and it is YOU!  We love you for all your support over the last 16 years.  Thank you for liking our posts, joining our communities, sharing our content and embracing our small business missions.   How Did Chelsy's Toys Start? Chelsy's Toys was developed in 2006 from a need for owner's American Pit Bull Terrier, Chelsy.  She was nine months old and tearing through expensive toys.  Lisa, the creator and owner, decided to make her own toys...

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Are you getting ready for the most love-filled month of the year?  As we head into February, we see hearts all around and it isn’t any different at Chelsy’s Toys.  ReLuvAbles are our version of a {heart} dog plush toy.  ReLuvAbles were specifically designed to help us maintain our goals to be a No-Waste Company.  Not only do we assemble our hearts with the last of our fleece materials, the smallest pieces are used as ReLuvAble stuffing.  Big ReLuvAbles serve an important function in this process as well.  Big ReLuvAbles are stuffed with the excess cuttings from our small ReLuvAbles offering a much different plushie texture dogs love. Valentine’s Collection...

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Tug of war is one of the most popular games in the dog world. Dogs love to play because it allows them to display their instincts. It is also a great way to strengthen your bond with your pet and help him develop confidence and social skills. If you are searching for an engaging and interactive toy from which your pup can derive lots of enjoyment, look no further than Chelsy's Toys Original Tug Toy!

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Whether you have a pup that loves to run and play or one that prefers lounging around the house, you'll know that they need some mental and physical exercise. After all, dogs are pack animals by nature and need to be able to expend energy with their pack.

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We just love social media and the accounts we interact with the most.

There are so many amazing Instagram pet accounts, so we wrote this post to share a few of our favorites!

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