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New Collection, New Product, Plush Toy, Tug Toy -

Start your collection of our toys off with a great deal!

We're now offering an awesome starter pack that contains four of our best toys and one great, discounted price. Read more about it here!

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Craft, R.U.F.F. Program, Tutorial -

Cute, Easy, and Customizable!

Join us in making some fun hair accessories using our left over fleeceThis simple craft is perfect to do solo or with a child of any age. Follow along to create your own in no time.

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Dog Toys, New Product, Snuffling -

Our Snuffle Bag’s officially launching today! We’re so excited about this new toy because it has so many benefits to offer your precious pal.

In this blog post we’ll answer your questions of what a snuffle bag is and why your dog needs one!

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Dog Toys, New Product, Plush Toy -

We are so excited to announce that we have a new product that embodies much of what we're about here at Chelsy's Toys

Our ReLuvAbles are made of and stuffed with our upcycled fleece. We officially use every bit of the upcycled material. These machine washable, plushies are duo-colored with an optional squeaker. How fun!

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Information, Pet Health, Snuffling -

Snuffling is sniffing audibly (typically) and repeatedly! It has many benefits for our pups such as keeping them healthy, helping them get good rest, and best of all it brings them joy. Check out our snuffle promoting toys today.

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