Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Are you getting ready for the most love-filled month of the year?  As we head into February, we see hearts all around and it isn’t any different at Chelsy’s Toys.  ReLuvAbles are our version of a {heart} dog plush toy.  ReLuvAbles were specifically designed to help us maintain our goals to be a No-Waste Company.  Not only do we assemble our hearts with the last of our fleece materials, the smallest pieces are used as ReLuvAble stuffing.  Big ReLuvAbles serve an important function in this process as well.  Big ReLuvAbles are stuffed with the excess cuttings from our small ReLuvAbles offering a much different plushie texture dogs love.

Valentine’s Collection

Every holiday we try to offer you a creative option in our best selling products! Valentine’s Day is no exception. We have Snuffle Snack Bags with heart designs, Snuffle Balls in all the Valentine’s colors and of course, our patented Spiral Tug Toy. If pink isn’t your color, we have a purple option we call Midnight because it is a beautiful mixture of purple and blues.  Place your order by February 9th for guaranteed delivery by Valentine’s Day. 

Other Great Suggestions

Over the years, we have made connections with beautiful entrepreneurs with quality products. If you like to support small businesses, we have have a few suggestions for your animal style Valentine’s gifts.

One-ingredient treats for dogs, cats and small animals: @BearsBites

Bandanas and other fashion accessories for large dogs: @BowieDaneDanas

Bling accessories for high fashion small dogs: @FrenchConnBoutique

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Chelsy’s Toys!  Enjoy this short video of how our ReLuvAbles are made:












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