About Us

Trying to find Chelsy (my pittie mix)  a long lasting toy was getting financially exhausting when she was about 8 months old. She loved squeakers but that would encourage her to get the squeaker out, meanwhile destroying the toy. The typical rope toys would fray and make a complete mess. I then decided to use my crafty skills and create a toy for her that would last longer. 

During what I now call the “Design phase”, Chelsy was my personal tug tester. She gave me her paw of approval and taught me how to make the toy more functional and enjoyable for us both.

From this day forward, Chelsy puts her wet nose up to any other toy but hers. After approximately 8 prototypes, We invented a sturdy toy like no other. I was encouraged to test the market and Chelsy’s Toys attended several dog events and craft shows with wonderfully positive feedback. Soon I was approached by retailers to sell in their stores.

Together we created a tug toy that can withstand the strongest of dogs and we are excited to share them with YOU and your furry friend. Even Chelsy’s veterinarian gave her paw of approval, mostly excited about the clean white buffed teeth! We are now located in several different stores across the states and on-line. I truly hope you enjoy the toys as much as we do!

What makes this toy so tough? The patented construction is devised of a knotting system that will withstand the strongest of pullers, yet the material used is soft and gentle on teeth and owner's hands!  We are able to condense 15 FEET of fleece into a 15 INCH toy!  This makes a very durable toy yet the pups can sink their teeth in-between the knots! Have a puppy?  Wet*Freeze*Play*Wash*Repeat 

Tug-o-war has always been a favorite game of dog and owner, and research states that it can also be educational. "You can use the tug as a reward when training obedience cues." According to an article published by the Pit Bull Rescue Central, the tough construction makes it a long-lasting toy, good for your pet, but great for your wallet!