Chelsy’s Toy: Exciting Changes and July 4th Celebration!

Chelsy’s Toy: Exciting Changes and July 4th Celebration!

Hello Chelsy’s Toys Family,

Lisa here, the proud owner of Chelsy’s Toys! I’m thrilled to bring you the latest updates from our little corner of the pet world.

Big Changes are Coming Soon!

Back in April, we hinted at some significant changes coming to Chelsy’s Toys, and the anticipation has been building ever since. I’m delighted to announce that we are almost ready for the big reveal! Our team has been hard at work behind the scenes, crafting new and exciting bundles and toys that we know you and your pets will love. Stay tuned to hear more about these exciting developments – trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

Celebrate Independence Day with Our July 4th Sale

In honor of Independence Day, we’re rolling out a fantastic July 4th sale. From now thrpugh July 5th, enjoy 30% off any item in our store! Simply use code JULY4TH during checkout to receive your discount. It’s our way of celebrating America and thanking you for your continued support of Chelsy’s Toys.

Keeping Your Pets Calm During Fireworks

As we gear up for fireworks celebrations, it’s important to remember that our pets might not enjoy the festivities as much as we do. Loud noises can be frightening for many animals, but there are ways to help them stay calm and comfortable. Here are some common household and natural remedies to help relax your pets before the fireworks begin:

- Create a Safe Space: Designate a quiet, comfortable area where your pet can retreat during the fireworks. Include their favorite toys, blankets, and maybe even some calming music.
- Use Pheromone Products: Products like Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats can help create a calming environment.
- Natural Remedies: Consider using natural calming aids such as chamomile or lavender. These can often be found in pet-safe sprays or diffusers.
- Thundershirts: These snug-fitting garments can help reduce anxiety by applying gentle pressure, similar to swaddling a baby.
- Stay Calm: Your pets can pick up on your emotions. Try to stay calm and provide them with reassurance and comfort.

Remember, your pets rely on you for comfort and security. Taking these simple steps can make a world of difference for them during the fireworks.

Stay Connected for More News

We have so much more in store for you, so don’t forget to check your emails regularly for updates and news about the exciting changes coming to Chelsy’s Toys. We’re committed to bringing you the best products for your furry family members, and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on.

Thank you for being a part of the Chelsy’s Toys community. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

Warm regards,

Lisa Freeman
Owner, Chelsy’s Toys
Plainfield, IL 

P.S. Remember to use code JULY4TH for 30% off your order during our Independence Day sale!

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