The Back to School Routine for Dogs: What You Need To Know

The Back to School Routine for Dogs: What You Need To Know

The back-to-school season can be stressful for parents and pet owners alike. After all, your pup will probably feel the same about being cooped up inside all day. But, there are ways to make this transition easier for both of you. And, since dogs love routines as much as we do, a dog-friendly version of this seasonal ritual isn't that much of an adjustment. Read on to learn more about what you need to know when introducing your pup to the new school year.

Make the change gradually

If you want to introduce your pup to the idea of a new school year, it's best to do it a little at a time. Have your dog ready for the morning routine two weeks before the start of school. Set your alarm for earlier than usual and start breakfast. Take your pup for his morning walk or let him out in the yard, but only for as long as you allow him on a typical school day. If you're still at home, introduce the routine slowly so that he can get used to it while you are still home.

Exercise is key

Your dog may have been playing with your children all day and is alone in the home without all the fun. Set an exercise schedule to prevent boredom, and get your children involved in planning morning and after-school walks and play sessions. He'll be more likely to spend the day peacefully sleeping by getting his excess energy out.

Crate training

If you plan on crating your dog during school days, get him used to it in small doses while you're still home. Place a fun toy like a stuffed bone in the crate, and keep him in there for short periods. He'll get accustomed to his crate and rest in it when the first day of school arrives.

Prevent boredom

Make sure to stock up on treats and fill their toys with them. Our snuffle bags make a great toy to fight boredom in an empty house. They come in large and small sizes to keep your dog engaged for ages. You can also hide the treats around the house so your dog can find them. It is also a fun activity for both of you. You can encourage your dog to work and think for their treats by doing something fun with them. 

Bathroom breaks

Before the start of school, you should know how long your dog can go alone at home without needing to go to the bathroom. Take your dog outside for a sufficient amount of time in the morning and have the first person that arrives home in the afternoon take them out again. If you aren't sure whether or not they can go all day without a potty break, have a pet sitter come by to take your dog outside. 

Bottom line

Dogs love routine just as much as humans, and back-to-school season is no exception. If you can keep your pup as active as possible while limiting time outside, they'll have a less stressful transition to the new school year routine. And, by easing into any changes, you can avoid creating a new problem for your pup. For a range of toys that will keep your pooch entertained for hours and hours, visit our product page here.

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