What is a Snuffle Bag? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Snuffle Bag? Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever thought about buying a new toy for your beloved four-legged friend, only to feel a little unsure about the ideal new toy choice to opt for? There are countless different options on the market, and in many cases, it can be hard to work out which option might be right for your pet. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be an impossible decision – and today, we’re outlining some of the key things you need to know about snuffle bags. As one of the best dog treat dispenser toys and an excellent dog bowl alternative, these seemingly simple toys can help keep your pet entertained for ages and prevent treats from getting spilled all over your kitchen floor.

What is a Snuffle Bag Treat Toy? 

Dog bowl alternative

What is a snuffle bag dog treat toy? A snuffle bag is a fabric dog bowl alternative made from fully washable, up-cycled fleece material. Our team hand creates each snuffle to form an intricate pattern that creates numerous crevices and hiding spots throughout the design. Pet owners can hide their beloved four-legged friend’s favorite treats throughout the snuffle bag, requiring their dog or cat to “sniff out” each treat or piece of food.

They’re similar in design to snuffle mats but come with the unique feature of being easy to store thanks to the drawstring design; this also allows you to set the snuffle bag’s size based on the size of your dog or cat’s muzzle. After all, a bigger breed needs a larger space to nuzzle around and vice versa.

How Snuffle Bags Work as a Dog or Cat Treat Dispenser

Using snuffle bags as a dog treat or food dispenser is incredibly easy – in fact, you can also use them for your pet cats. Sprinkle a few treats or your pet’s kibble over the snuffle bag, close the bag and give it a gentle shake to ensure all the treats are distributed throughout the petals. Then, just let your dog get to work, sniffing out each treat.

Can I Use Snuffle Bags as a Dog Bowl Alternative? 

If you’ve been looking for the perfect new way to treat your four-legged friend, a snuffle bag might be the ideal option. As an excellent dog bowl alternative, snuffle bags are ideal for stopping your beloved four-legged friend from “wolfing down” their dinner or treats, keeping them entertained for hours. Here at Chelsy’s Toys, we’ve made our snuffle bags with an innovative petal-shaped design, meaning each snuffle bag has hundreds of sneaky little hiding places. This feature makes them ideal for stashing away your pet’s favorite treats (or even their regular kibble to slow eating) as a dog bowl alternative. And luckily, our team here at Chelsy’s Toys can help with this.

Find the Perfect Snuffle Bag for your Dog Today

We’ve put our all into creating a range of the finest dog or cat treat toys. Our dogChelsy's Toys Dog and Cat Treat Dispenser Snufflesnuffle bag treat dispenser might be just what you’ve been looking for. Our snuffle pet treat dispenser comes in two sizes. Our Standard Snuffle is 23 inches in diameter when it’s open and 11 inches in diameter when closed. Our Snack Snuffle is 11 inches in diameter when it’s opened and 6 inches when closed. Plus, it’s an excellent way to engage their brains and get them to use their instinct to sniff out food, helping protect your other furniture from their curiosity as well.Even better, our range of snuffle bags is quite honestly one-of-a-kind. Each snuffle bag is handmade, and once you’ve purchased your favorite color, that’s it – it’ll be out of stock! So, add something never-before-seen to your dog’s or cat’s everyday collection of treat toys. Our snuffle bag dog treat dispenser and cat treat dispenser will quickly become their new favorite! Click here to buy our Standard Snuffle or Snack Snuffle today!

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