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Are you getting ready for the most love-filled month of the year?  As we head into February, we see hearts all around and it isn’t any different at Chelsy’s Toys.  ReLuvAbles are our version of a {heart} dog plush toy.  ReLuvAbles were specifically designed to help us maintain our goals to be a No-Waste Company.  Not only do we assemble our hearts with the last of our fleece materials, the smallest pieces are used as ReLuvAble stuffing.  Big ReLuvAbles serve an important function in this process as well.  Big ReLuvAbles are stuffed with the excess cuttings from our small ReLuvAbles offering a much different plushie texture dogs love. Valentine’s Collection...

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Catnip is a perennial herb also known as Catmint. When cats sniff it, they go berserk. The smell triggers an aggressive, playful, and vocal reaction. Catnip has been used to keep cats happy for thousands of years. It's a healthy treat that can be given once or twice a week—or even more often if your cat goes bonkers for it. The effects only last 20 minutes or so, and then the cat returns to normal until the next time he gets exposed to catnip again. This is not addictive in any way, and no adverse side effects have ever been discovered from giving it to your kitty on occasion as a special treat.

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Whether you have a pup that loves to run and play or one that prefers lounging around the house, you'll know that they need some mental and physical exercise. After all, dogs are pack animals by nature and need to be able to expend energy with their pack.

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