The Importance of Snuffling

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The Importance of Snuffling

The Importance of Snuffling

Your dog’s nose and brain were made to hunt, sniff, and snort.

   Your dog’s sense of smell is their most important sense! It is crucial for communicating, exploring, and evaluating after all. Nose work will keep your dog feeling happy, healthy, and young! Encouraging different techniques of snuffling whether at meal time or just for fun breaks up the day and will bring your dog much joy! Mental stimulation will keep their mind sharp simply because it keeps life interesting.

   Using their noses can help calm an over-stimulated dog. Some dogs can become over-stimulated when they do high energy level activities, but harnessing your dog's natural sniffing behavior is a calm and generally relaxing option. Not only is it calming for your precious pal, it's an awesome way to tire them out and get some good sleep.

Our Snuffle Toys 

   We offer two toys that promote snuffling!

   Our Snuffle Ball is designed to impress. It's perfectly balanced to sail through the air or durable enough to withstand a game of Tug O' War! Hide treats for interactive sniffing fun or wet and freeze for your teething puppy.

   Our newest snuffling product, the Snuffle Bag, offers your pet an interactive way to eat their treats while providing mental stimulation. Sprinkle your desired amount of treats/dinner and shake into the hundreds of hidden places to activate your dog's natural curiosity.  Dogs enjoy sniffing their way to locate every single piece, avoiding "woof-ing down" dinner. Sprinkle catnip for the Kitty

  Our Snuffle Bags are now available for preorder until May 20th! Preorder and save $5.00, don't wait and miss out on this awesome deal. Your dog or cat will love it!






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