The Pup Pack

The Pup Pack

Wet.  Freeze.  Play.  Wash.  Dry.  Repeat.

   If you've recently gotten a puppy, chances are that you're looking for some durable, machine washable, teether toys! Luckily, we offer a puppy starter pack which includes:

  • A Spiral Tug Toy: Medium
  • A Traditional Tug Toy: Small

Our pup pack is great to help satisfy your puppy's urge to chew and relieve their sore gums.

   The best way to help relieve any pain they're experiencing while teething is to:

Step 1:  Moisten the small toy with water and put it into freezer.

Step 2: Play Tug O'War with the medium toy until you burn off all of the nervous energy.

Step 3: Put the medium toy away from puppy for next time. (SEE STEP 5)

Step 4: Grab the small tug toy from the freezer and give your puppy a cooling treat to message their teething gums! 

                                            Step 5: REPEAT at least 3 times a day.

   The best part about all of our toys is that they are safe to wash! You can help tire your adorable pup out both indoors and outdoors... Once the tug toy is clearly loved and a bit dirty, you can just pop it into the washer with out having to worry about it unravelling --  our toys are durable. Constructed from nearly 500 individual knots, our tug toys will last!

Tips On Basic Training

   When play time comes to an end for the day, think about starting some basic training for your new buddy. You'll know when your puppy is ready to start training when you're able to hold their attention briefly in anticipation of their next command. 

   Five Basic Commands To Teach Your Dog

1.  Sit

   Hold a treat by your dog’s nose and lift your hand along with the treat until his head follows your hand. This will cause their butt to lower to the ground in a sitting position! After they're sitting, say the word “sit,” and give them a treat and praise them.

   Practice sit several times a day. You could use the command to get him to sit before you put his food dish in front of him, or when you’re taking a walk and come to an intersection!
2.  Stay

   Get them into a sitting position, hold your hand up with your palm forward and say “stay,” while slowly moving away. If they move out of the sit or down position, come back toward him and start over.

   Offer a treat and/or praise them when they remain in a stay position even if you only move two feet away.

3.  Come
   Teach your dog this command in the house by having someone hold them in one room, while you go to the end of the room or another room entirely. Call them, with the come command.
   Be enthusiastic and reward your dog with a treat along with plenty of praise when they come on command.
4.  Lay Down
   Get your dog to sit, then you can help them to the down position by moving your hand with a treat, toward the ground. They will follow your hand and will get into the down position.
5.  Drop It
   If you want your dog to give you a toy, give the drop it command and hold out your hand! You may want to give a little tug on the toy and say the command again. Once they open their mouth and give it to you, reward and praise them.
Five Basic Commands and how to -
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