The Snuffle Bag Excitement

The Snuffle Bag Excitement

We Have An Exciting New Product...

The Snuffle Bag!

The reason we're so excited about our Snuffle Bag is because it reaps so many great benefits.

What Is A Snuffle Bag?

   A snuffle bag is essentially a snuffle mat, but even better because it's able to be easily stored away or closed to shake up the hidden food/treats. That statement may leave you wondering... "what is a snuffle mat?"

   A snuffle mat is a fun and interactive toy that provides your dog with an opportunity to sniff and search! To use a snuffle mat, you'll want to hide some tasty treats with a good smell within the fabric. Be sure the treats hidden have a mouth watering smell for your furry friend--odor is especially important as your dog is learning the game. Of course their sense of smell is great, but an appealing odor will provide motivation to sniff and search.

Why Should My Dog Have A Snuffle Bag?

   That's simple! Your dog’s sense of smell is their most important sense and they love to use it. Dogs enjoy investigating the world by using their noses, so it’s easy to see why dogs love a good snuffle mat. Snuffle mats give you the chance to combine a snuffling game with mental stimulation for your dog. With an extraordinary sense of smell, your dog's nose is a work of art! Let them put it to use. Not only is it a good way to stimulate your best bud, it'll help them if they're one to scarf down food too quickly. Once you start using a snuffle mat for not only hiding treats and to feed your dog their meals, it will soon become a favorite in your house!

   We guarantee your dog will love our snuffle bag, and you will to because... it's machine washable just like our other toys! Be sure to wash and dry on cool settings to keep it in the best shape. 

Watch Riggs become a huge fan and send us a video of your furever friend loving it! 
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