Earth Day With Your Dog

Earth Day With Your Dog


Earth is one-of-a-kind and deserves to be celebrated. Here are five fun ways to celebrate our planet with your canine friend:

1. Take In Earth's Beauty

Nothing beats fresh air! Go for a nice walk or maybe even have a picnic with your pup. Your dog will love getting outside with you!

2. Clean Up Your Community


Unfortunately, it's hard to leave your home without seeing litter somewhere. Do your part and clean it up this Earth Day, even if it’s just while taking your dog for a stroll.

3. Find A New Park/Beach

What better day than Earth Day to check out that spot you’ve been meaning to? There are so many hidden treasures all over the place. Make it a priority to visit that gorgeous park or beach you’ve been wanting to go to and bring your furry friend. They’ll enjoy it just as much as you... Maybe even more!

4. Plant A Tree

Trees and other plants do so much for us, the least we can do is help them repopulate and grow. Plant a new tree to celebrate our Earth, or maybe even some flowers. Your bestie would love to assist you, especially with digging the hole.

How We Do Our Part As A Company

All of our products are made from an upcycled fleece fabric!

We also started our R.U.F.F. Program to help give our fleece scraps a new life. The program allows schools and others to request donations! If you know of some little artists in the making and would like to receive a donation, please contact us.

Our take on a dog plush toy, the ReLuvAble is stuffed with the last of our fleece scraps making it a zero waste product.

We also upgraded our mailers to be more eco-friendly back in February of 2020. Read more about that transition in our blog, Eco-Friendly Shipping Supplies

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