Eco-Friendly Shipping Supplies

Eco-Friendly Shipping Supplies

📦 We have switched to better packaging 📦

We are always considering our 🌍 earth with our small business decisions and we just made one BIG change!  We are now using Poly Mailers from EcoEnclose.  They are made from 100% recycled material and they can be recycled after their final use.  The best part is..... YOU CAN REUSE THEM with a 2nd adhesive liner.  When you receive your order from us, open according to the package and save for a personal mailer of your own.  

We have done countless hours of research on what type of mailer to use. 📭 Do we use paper or plastic?  Do we use compostable materials? Recyclable materials?  What is the impact of the product in the end?  Does it remain a downcycled material and is bad for the environment and not "eco-friendly"?   There are so many questions and countless different answers to the big problem of recycling in general.  We weighed the options, considered our customers and chose a product that is similar to our very own interests....♻️ USE - REUSE ♻️

After we make our toys from upcycled materials (fleece is upcycled from plastic bottles) we find ways to use our scraps.  We have recently collaborated with Art Studios for fabric donations and hosted our own sit and create art classses for animal rescue fundraising.  Contact Us if you have the perfect organization for fabric donations.  

You can view more information about our donation program here:

 🎨  R.U.F.F. Program 🎨

You can read more information about our mailers on EcoEnclose website.

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