Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day Celebration

Happy Earth Day! 🌎

If you don't already know, we are an ECO-Friendly company looking to help to our planet stay healthy!

What We Do To Help The Planet

We do our part by using upcycled fleece in our toys, using eco-friendly shipping supplies, and through what we call The R.U.F.F Program which stands for Reuse Upcycled Fleece for Fundraisingï»żï»ż! 

We are left with some very colorful scrap materials that we try to find ways to use and donate. Our passion is to share our scraps to make everlasting art which fuels the program. We are always looking for places to donate to, if you know of anyone send them our way!


Earth Day Craft

We have another craft tutorial for you this week! Follow along to create a fun, fleece filled craft of Earth to celebrate.

This craft was created for a school project by one of our toy maker's children! So awesome.

What You Will Need:

Tutorial Time!

  To get started, once gathering your supplies and materials, you'll want to create your spiral pieces using blue and green fabrics. Roll up your blue and green fabric separately and glue your rolls together so they don't unravel. After you have your blue and green rolls, cut them into smaller pieces. 

  Next, it's time to break out the glue ad go crazy with it. Glue down your background colored pieces, in this they used black to represent outer space. Now that your background is secure, you can move onto creating your planet! Arrange your blue and green pieces to form a circle creating a pattern similar to Earth and glue it down.

  You can add some stars using pieces of white fleece as well.

 Remember, if you create a craft using one of our tutorials be sure to tag us in any pictures posted! We love seeing and sharing what you make.
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