Discover the Joys of Owning Small Animals: From Burrowing to Enrichment

Discover the Joys of Owning Small Animals: From Burrowing to Enrichment

Small animals are adorable and make wonderful pets. From hamsters and guinea pigs to rabbits and ferrets, these tiny creatures can bring a lot of joy into our lives. Not only are they cute and fun to watch, but owning small animals can also provide a variety of benefits such as reducing stress and increasing social interaction. In this blog post, we will explore some of the joys of owning small animals and how they can bring enrichment to our lives.


One of the most exciting aspects of owning small animals is watching them burrow and play. Burrowing is a natural behavior for many small animals, and it's a joy to watch them tunnel through their bedding, build nests, and explore their environment. Burrowing also helps to keep your pet active and healthy, as it provides them with the opportunity to exercise and engage in natural behaviors. Some animals, like hamsters, even have a specialized pouch in their cheeks to store food for later, which is fascinating to observe.  Chelsy's Toys has a new Burrow Bag for small animals which allows you to enjoy and interact with your small pet in its natural environment.  Each bag is equipped with a small bowl and two inner circle tracks, giving your friend endless exercise similar to a spin wheel.


In addition to burrowing, small animals also enjoy a variety of enrichment activities. Enrichment is any activity that enhances an animal's physical or mental well-being. For small animals, enrichment can include hiding food for them within their Chelsy's Toys Burrow Bag to find. Such activities not only keep your pet entertained, but they also help to prevent boredom and improve their overall health and happiness. 

Low Maintenance

One of the best things about owning small animals is how easy they are to care for. Unlike larger animals that require a lot of space and resources, small animals can thrive in small living spaces and are relatively low maintenance. They also have short lifespans, which can be both a blessing and a curse. While it can be sad to say goodbye to a beloved pet, it also means that you have the opportunity to provide a happy and fulfilling life for multiple pets over the years.

Friends Forever

Another benefit of owning small animals is that they can be great for social interaction. Many small animals are sociable creatures and enjoy spending time with their owners. They can provide a sense of companionship and comfort, which can be particularly beneficial for those who live alone or have limited social interaction. Additionally, owning small animals can be a great way to introduce children to the responsibilities of pet ownership, as they can learn about caring for animals and the importance of providing a loving home.

Choose the Friend for YOU!

When it comes to choosing a small animal as a pet, there are many options to consider. Hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets are all popular choices, each with their unique characteristics and requirements. It's essential to research the specific needs of each animal before bringing them home, as they all have different dietary, housing, and exercise needs.

Owning small animals can bring a lot of joy and enrichment into our lives. From watching them burrow and play to providing them with enrichment activities, small animals are fascinating creatures that can provide us with companionship and reduce stress. They are relatively low maintenance and can be great for social interaction, making them an excellent choice for those looking for a pet that is both entertaining and fulfilling. So, if you're considering bringing a small animal into your home, be sure to research the specific needs of your chosen pet and enjoy all the joys that come with owning a furry friend.

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