Burrow Bag for Small Animals

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Burrow Bags mimic small animal’s natural environments. When sacked, Burrow Bags are dark and cozy, giving a calm safe place to snuggle all night or travel with a friend. Burrow Bags are also equipped with a small bowl in the center for feeding.

Our hedgehog, Cherry Blossom loves to burrow around the outter circle track and nestle under a few layers of fleece. Enrich your little critter’s longevity with a natural burrowing environment.

Burrow Bags have 2 tracks around the center bowl allowing your little critter to exercise before they settle into their most comfortable place. 

Ideal for: hedgehog; guinea pig: hamster; rat; gerbil; bunnies; snakes; ferrets.

Open 23” diameter, closed 11” diameter.  Do not use if your critter has a tendency to eat material. Made of fleece. Washable.