Celebrate Fall With Your Dog

Celebrate Fall With Your Dog

Enjoy Autumn With Your Pal!

Here are some great ways to spend your fall days with your furrriend.

Rake up a Pile of Leaves

Make yard work more enjoyable! Rake up a giant pile of leaves so you and your pup can dive in. You’ll both have a blast!

Go for a Hike

Get out of the house to go for a hike. It’s always nice to enjoy the fresh fall smells, the gorgeous leaves as they change colors, and take in the last bits of sun for the year. If the woods aren’t your thing, don’t worry! Think about taking a stroll in a different neighborhood to let your dog smell the seasonal changes.

Go on Fall Color Tour

A weekend trip with your pup is calling your name! Color tours are one of the best things this season has to offer and they’re easy to make a weekend getaway out of. A quick internet search can help you find the best route near you to take to see the color change of the leaves.

Visit a Pet-Friendly Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch

Apple picking each fall is a tradition for many families. Find a pet-friendly orchard to include each family member (especially the furry ones). Pet-friendly pumpkin patches are also a great way to get out with the family while being festive!

Sip That Pumpkin-Spiced Coffee Beverage on a Pet-Friendly Patio

It’s the perfect time to take your pup to a pet-friendly patio since it’s no longer too hot and not too cold quite yet. Pack some treats and a water dish then hit the road! When ordering, be sure to ask if they have any dog friendly options... Your pooch would be over the moon.


Embrace the season! Have fun and stay safe. Read our blog about Fall Safety for dogs before heading outdoors. 

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