Fall Is Coming!

Fall Is Coming!

Furrriends, Fall Is Near

As fall approaches, we continue to gain excitement!

Cooler weather means longer walks, more time outside without having to worry about the heat, and soaking up the sun while breathing in the fresh, crisp air all with our best pal(s). The anticipation is also building because with new seasons come new toys!

Stay tuned this week to keep up to date with our latest Tugs. 


Although fall fun is highly anticipated, we also want to make sure you and your pup are staying safe. Here are some things to keep in mind this autumn:

1. Shorter Days and Longer Nights.

As it continues to get darker earlier, night time walks become quite common! Be cautious.. Walks in the dark introduce different dangers. With reduced visibility, monitoring your dog closely is necessary... You don’t want them to find a potentially dangerous “roadside snack” to nibble on! Yikes.

Stay safe at night by bringing along a flashlight during your walks. This is for your safety and your dog’s. It helps to ensure that you and your dog are visible to other people, animals, and oncoming cars when outside after dark.

2. Pesky Fleas! 

Now, who would've thought that autumn is the peak season for fleas? Don’t forget to continue using a flea preventative throughout the fall, well into winter. These bad boys don’t die off until temperatures drop down into the low 30°s.

3. Antifreeze Is To Be Kept Far Far Away From Our Furry Friends.

All it takes is a few licks.

Be extremely careful when walking your dog in order to be certain that they stay far from antifreeze. Keep an eye out any time you venture outdoors to prevent your dog from drinking any puddles or streams where antifreeze could have runoff.

4. Dangerous Fall Foods.

One of our favorite things about fall and the upcoming holidays is easily the wide array of tasty foods. Unfortunately, many of the foods that we enjoy during the fall are hazardous to dogs.

Always avoid the following: chocolate, onions, sugar-free sweets, nuts, grapes, raisins, turkey skin, dark meat, ham, and gravy.

5. Ragweed, Pollen, and Mold – Oh My!

Seasonal allergies affect many dogs. Ragweed, pollen, mold, dust, and grasses can all lead to itching, scratching, rubbing, watery eyes, runny noses, and ear infections in our furriest family members. When dealing with seasonal allergies, bathing your dog more frequently and keeping their paws clean is key.

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