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Spiral Tug Toy

Spiral Tug Toy

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Tired of toys that fall apart as soon as your furry friend gets their paws on them? We were too! That's why we've created the ultimate toy for your pup - one that's not only easy on their teeth but 💪 tough enough to withstand even the most enthusiastic playtime.

Our Tugs are handcrafted from soft, upcycled fleece material made from upcycled plastic water bottles. Not only will your dog love playing with it, but you'll also be helping to save our 🌎 planet, one bottle at a time! With our patented knotting system, we can condense a whopping 15 FEET of fleece into a compact 15 INCH toy!

We offer two types of toys with our patented knotting system - the tied-end Tug and the tubular Spiral Tug with untied ends. Both are built to last and strong enough to handle the biggest of dogs.

But wait, you're wondering if it's really durable? Absolutely! We guarantee that our Tugs will outlast any other tug toy in your dog's toy box. Whether your pup loves to chew or play tug-o-war, this toy will last for a long time - maybe even a lifetime!

Made right here in the USA, our Tugs are also washable so you can keep them clean and fresh for your pup's next playtime. Choose your favorite color or even customize with specific colors by adding them to the comments box at checkout. Trust us, your dog will thank you for choosing the best toy on the market.

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