Collapsible Slow Feeders for Dogs and Cats

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Give your dog or cat a mentally stimulating way to slowly—and safely—eat their food. Every Snuffle Bag is unique and made by hand. Choose your style and let us take care of the rest. 

Expand Your Dog’s Mind—Not Their Stomach

Are you concerned with how fast your dog is eating? Does your pet seem bored? Then you need a Snuffle Bag.

🐾 Promote Healthy Digestion

When dogs eat too quickly, they can experience bloat, vomiting, choking, and other gastrointestinal issues. The Snuffle Bag’s puzzle design ensures your pup can’t wolf down their dinner.

🐾 Provide Enrichment Opportunities

Turn mealtime into playtime by sprinkling kibble, treats, or catnip into the Snuffle Bag’s 100+ nooks and crannies, and watch as your pet fulfills their natural desire to seek out food.

🐾 Keep Messes Contained

Unlike other slow feeder bowls or snuffle mats, the Snuffle Bag is almost impossible to spill. With a tall outer wall and layer upon layer of durable fabric, your pet’s food isn’t going anywhere—until they sniff it out, of course!

🐾 Take Meals On the Go

A built-in drawstring makes the Snuffle Bag ideal for road trips, hikes, plane travel, and more. Fill the bag before you leave home, cinch it up, and enjoy the perfect portable food bowl.

A Real-Life Review From Our Customer Holly

“The snuffle bag is amazing! I seriously use it every single day for both my dogs and even the cats occasionally. I work from home and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate being able to feed my dogs this way.

Not only does it keep them busy for 15-20min, but they are working for their food which is a mentally taxing activity. After the meal is over they are napping! Eating from a bowl is boring and it makes me happy to see how excited they are to see their Snuffle Bags.”

Holly on Feb 16, 2023

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Unlike Our Snuffle Bag, We’re Not Hiding Anything

Every product is unique and hand made by moms, dads, teens and grandmas. 

Is the Snuffle Bag washable?

It sure is! You can (and should) wash your Snuffle Bag semi-regularly to prevent buildup caused by uneaten food.

To keep your bag in tip-top shape, we recommend machine washing on a gentle cold cycle, then tumble or air drying at extra low heat.

Free Shipping

60 day refunds


Make Mealtime Better—For You and Your Pet

The best hack that keeps your dog busy while you win at life! Made from 100% from upcycled materials. 

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