Valentine's Day Dates For Four Legged Friends

Valentine's Day Dates For Four Legged Friends

For those spending Valentine's Day with your loyal and loving dog, make it special experience for the both of you! Even if you are planning on spending the day with a Valentine of the human kind, including your dog on this day is a special treat for everyone.


Show some love this Valentine's Day with some dog-friendly activities sure to inspire love of the most unconditional kind.


Spoil them with playtime.

Spending the day with your pet is always fun! To make it extra fun, plan to visit your dog's favorite pet store for a new toy. Start out by grabbing your dog's leash before heading to the door this will create excitement in your furiend. Stop at the pet store, where you will let your dog pick out a new favorite toy from the dog toy aisle.
Be sure to keep your dog on their leash while in the parking lot as well as in the pet store.
If you're looking to take things one step further, grab the new toy and find a park or another sunny spot to play! If the weather does not permit play time outside, take them home for the fun. Remember, this activity is about your relationship with your dog so make it all about them with attention and play time.

Snap, edit, share! 

A Valentine's Day themed photo shoot is a great way to capture the love you and your pet share. Use your smartphone camera to have the pictures readily available to send out to friends, family, and social media. Set your scene and get to striking poses! When it comes it set up, you could grab a light-colored sheet of white, pink, or a very light-gray to use as your backdrop. You could also add some Valentine's Day items to stage in your scene, you can plan to use some of these cute items as well.
You might have to entice your pooch with some treats, and you should never force them to into the scene. Be sure to talk to your dog and let them sniff around your work, especially when you're setting it up. This will help them get used to the new experience.
While you're taking photos, be sure to get as many as you can. Try to capture both natural and posed photos to get the most out of the activity. In the end, you can edit and share the best of them with your friends and family!



Date night at home.

Skip the kibble or canned food. Cook a pet-friendly meal from scratch. Of course, be mindful of any allergies or food sensitivities your dog may have, and keep portions appropriate for your pup’s size. For dessert, make Valentine's Day dog or cat treats! Since you cannot give your pet a box of chocolate for Valentine's Day, find a pet safe homemade biscuit or cookie recipe then get to baking.

Schedule a doggy spa day to pamper your special pooch!

Everyone feels better after a whole day of pampering and your dog is no exception. Not only will this give you a chance to have your precious dog checked out just to make sure all is as it should be health-wise.

This can also turn what might have felt like a chore into a nice experience. Whether you opt for heading to the local canine spa and groomers or you choose a do-it-yourself approach at home is totally up to you. If you choose to do it at home, try to tend to all of the basics: bathing, brushing, grooming/trimming and clipping nails.

    Be sure the treats flow plentifully throughout.

    Get moving.

    Whether you're more of a turtle or a hare, using your legs is a great way to release endorphins and show love to the most important person in your life—yourself. Bring your pet along a pet-friendly park or trail to get in some much-needed fresh air/playtime. Stroll, run or jog with your pup, but don’t forget to adhere to park protocol while enjoying yourself.


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