Advantages of Tug Time

Advantages of Tug Time

Sure Play Time Is Fun For You & Your Dog, But Check Out What Other Benefits It Has!

   Everyone needs a little exercise in their daily life, especially dogs to help maintain a healthy body and mind! A great way to get you and your furry friend up and moving is through tug time. Check out all of the perks to playing with your dog!

1. Staying Healthy

   Playtime is an awesome tool to use to keep you and your dog healthy. Dogs need exercise on a daily basis, and using play is a super fun way to give your four-legged pal a chance to release all that pent up energy. Playing helps them stay physically healthy by maintaining their healthy organs and lubricating their joints!

   Since playing with your dog is such fun, it’s a simple way to improve both you and your dog’s overall mood! Spending time with your dog can have a calming effect for you both. Playtime sessions will help keep your dog healthy mentally too.

   Here are some of the mental benefits your dog receives from playtime:

  • It stimulates their brain!
    • Interactive games like throwing one of our snuffle balls and having them fetch works on building their focus and discipline.
  • Dogs experience stress and anxiety, just like us! Playing with them will help alleviate any stress or anxiety that may have formed while being left at home while we head to work, giving them a calm demeanor.

2. A Fun Way To Train


   Whether we realize it or not, our dogs are always learning. One of the benefits to playing with your dog is that it’s a fun way to get in some daily reinforcement of desirable behavior training. By stoping a game of Tug O' War because your dog gets too mouthy, you’re teaching them that biting you is not acceptable.

3. Great Bonding Time

   Bonding with your best bud is important, and play time activities like Tug O' War are a great way to do it!  One on one time will also help you earn more of their trust and loyalty. 

   When it comes to most dogs, play time is one of their favorite ways to pass the time! When giving them the chance to have fun with you; you’re giving them a routine and they’ll come to know you as the one who brings joy to their life. 

Tug With Our Toys

   Finally, a toy that is durable and tough enough to withstand the pull of all dogs, even the big ones! 

   Handmade from fleece, with a patented knotting system, we promise our machine washable toys will be the longest withstanding tug toy in your toy box. It's purpose is to play tug-o-war and fetch. If you allow your chewers to chew, it will still last a long long time.

It will last a lifetime! 


A Word From The Wise

   Let's listen to some of these words of wisdom from Reston Animal Hospital, play Tug O' War with your dog!


Other Game Ideas For You & Your Pooch:





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