To CBD or not to CBD?

To CBD or not to CBD?

That is the question.  I have been reading articles and doing research on the cannabis plant for a handful of years now.  The first big news that interest me was a few years ago, Illinois legalized CBD oil to minors with epilepsy because it was found to eliminate seizures!  Not reduce.....ELIMINATE!!!! Having family struck with this disease, I started to research this process and get the 411 on the benefits and effects of CBD products. There had to be something great if CBD could do THAT!

Then the market exploded with CBD products for dogs and animals.  Probably because animal retail products aren't as tightly regulated as humane grade products, but nevertheless we saw what the benefits could be on the natural anti inflammatory properties that CBD carries.

I just finished an article in the Pet Age Magazine written by Stephen M. Katz, entitled CBD's First Stage.  It is very straight forward and informative on being aware of which products are correctly processing the cannabis/hemp plant for the safest extractions (a.k.a. CBD oil).  A few finer points to understand about CBD:  There is a correct way and a dangerous way to extract CBD.  We have seen the results of the dangerous way in our news as of recent.  The safer method of CBD extraction is called Supercritical CO2 extraction.  This method allows all of the extraction process to evaporate without residuals of dangerous materials.  The other important fact to know when buying dog treats or edibles is... How is it cooked?  Any CBD heated above 120 degrees loses it benefits.  So look for items that are labeled "cold processed".  

In my personal opinion, CBD should not only be used when symptoms occur but also as a preventative for future injuries and whatever they discover next about the benefits of the great cannabis plant. We look forward to more great discoveries about and potentially cures this plant offers!  We are just scratching the surface... look out big Pharm 🤐

Please share your experiences with us 👇🏼

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