Tips To Successfully Training Your Dog

Tips To Successfully Training Your Dog

We are in the middle of National Train Your Dog Month so we thought it would be a great time to let you in on a few tips and tricks of dog training!

Decide on the House Rules 

Before bringing your fur baby home, think about what boundaries you'd like to set with them. Are they allowed on the bed or the furniture? Are parts of the house off-limits? If the rules are determined early on, you can avoid confusion — for both of you.

Reward Good Behavior

Reward good behavior with positive reinforcement! Use toys, love, and lots of praise — oh, don't forget the treats. Let them know when they're getting it right with positivity and excitement. Never reward bad behavior, as it'll only confuse them.

Teach Your Pup to Come When Called

The first command you teach your pet should be to come. Get down on their level and tell your pup to come using their name. When they do, get excited and use lots of positive reinforcement. Next time, try the "come" command when they're distracted with food or a toy. As your pup gets older, you'll continue to see the benefits of perfecting this command.

Discourage Jumping Right Away

Puppies love to jump up in greeting, but this habit needs to be broken immediately. When they jump on a person, don't reprimand them; turn your back on them, ignore the behavior and wait until they settle down before giving positive reinforcement. 

Say No to Biting and Nipping 

Instead of scolding your new pet, a great way to discourage your mouthy canine is to pretend you're in a lot of pain when they bite or nip you — a sharp, loud yell should work. Most dogs are so surprised that they stop immediately.

End Training Sessions on a Positive Note 

Your puppy, or dog, has worked hard to please you throughout their training. Leave them with lots of praise, a treat or two, some petting or five minutes of play. This almost guarantees they'll show up at their next class or training session with their tail wagging, ready to work!




Bonus tip: When your puppy is old enough, think about getting them neutered or spayed. A neutered or spayed dog might be more docile, less aggressive, and more open to successful training. The same goes if you adopt a dog.

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