The Best Dog Park Near You

The Best Dog Park Near You

Fall Fun For Our Furry Family Members Calls For A Trip To The Dog Park

Here are the best Dog Parks in each state! Maybe a road trip is needed to check it out, but now is the perfect time for that. Take a drive and see the beautiful leaves as they change.



Beneful Dream Dog Park in Veteras Park, 7305 Hwy 119, Alabaster, AL 35007
The park's bells and whistles include fountains and splash pads, a miniature football field, padded walking trails and climbing rocks.


University Lake Park, Bragaw Street and University Lake Drive, Anchorage 
Unless otherwise noted, dogs are allowed throughout the park and on the trails that surround the lake. Dogs must be legally licensed, have a current rabies vaccination, and be leashed and cleaned up after. In the off-leash area dogs must be under their owner's control at all times.


Jackass Acres K9 Korral, 41635 Old Black Canyon Highway, New River
Fees: Annual fee: $35 for one dog or $50 for two or more dogs

Voted the Best Dog Park in 2008 by Dog Fancy Magazine, this 2.5 acre dog park has solar-powered lights, a security system, and water pumps, as well as decorative metal flowers made from old cars, furniture crafted from fallen timber, and recycled artificial turf.


Paws Park, Murray Park, Little Rock
This off-leash, dog park features five foot high chain link fencing around two acres for large dogs, four foot high chain link fencing around a half acre for small dogs, secure area for entering and exiting the park, water troughs and fountains, benches, parking, trash cans and mutt mitts.


Woof! Pac Park, 300 Goodwin Road, Santa Maria
This 3 acre dog park is open from dawn until dusk and is supported by the local organization of WOOF: Winners Of Off-leash Freedom.


West Arvada Dog Park, 17975 W 64th Pkwy, Arvada
This fully fenced, 5 acre dog park is open from sunrise to sunset and features a separate small dog area and benches.


Granby DOGGS Park, inside Salmon Brook Park on Route 10/202, Granby
This fenced dog park includes double gated entry, mulch, shaded trees, benches, picnic tables (just for the dogs) and water from a Fire Hydrant. During the winter months the water is shut off. This park is open from 7am to dusk.


Bark Til Dark Private Dog Park, off Route 23 at 1277 Hills-Miller Road, Delaware
This 6 acre, fully fenced, private dog park features a 1 acre pond, shaded picnic area, areas for agility and one-on-one training, and a paw wash area. Membership fee is $30 for three visits or $22 per month for unlimited visits. Your First Visit is FREE.

District of Columbia

Shaw Dog Park, 11th Street and Rhode Island Ave., NW, Washington, DC
This dog park is 15,000 square feet and features 5 foot high chain link fencing, pea gravel and stone dust, 3 waste disposal stations and 2 enclosures for large dogs and one for small dogs.


South Brohard Beach Paw Park, 1600 Harbor Drive, Venice
This dog parks features hours a fenced area, double-gated entrance, benches, tables, handicap access, trees, parking, restrooms, water, trash cans, small dog area, poop bags, dog shower, bulletin board. Behind the dog park is a stretch of beach where dogs are allowed to run around and enjoy the waves!


Newtown Dream Dog Park, 3150 Old Alabama Rd, Johns Creek
This whimsical doggy wonderland got a makeover sponsored by Beneful and became one of the most beautiful dog parks in the country. The 1-acre area includes a fire hydrant shaped sprinkler, a bone-shaped bridge, agility hoops and tunnels and sanitary pet-safe turf.


McInerny Dog Park, Kehena Pl, Honolulu
This fenced dog park is on a one-third acre of grass with trees and a waterfall.


Moscow Dog Park, 2019 White Ave, Moscow
This fenced, 1 acre, dog park features a water spout, picnic area, plastic bags and scoopers and port-a-potty.


Frankfort Bark Park, Commissioners Park, Laraway & 80th Ave. S, Frankfort
This 2.5 acre dog park features run areas for small and large dogs, benches, trees, shade shelters, water during the non-winter season, and pick-up bags. Fees are $60 per year.


Chisholm Creek Pet Resort Pup Park, 6260 N. Hillside, Wichita
This privately owned, 10 acres, fenced, dog park includes a pond, play equipment and a large sand mound for digging and climbing. Membership fees are $295 per year or $150 for 3 months.


Masterson Station Dog Park, Leestown Rd, Lexington
This 6 acre dog park includes mature trees and hydrants enclosed in a horse-farm style fencing with mesh backing.


Nola City Bark, 10 Magnolia Dr, New Orleans
This new dog park has a doggie playground, a sand pit for digging, a fire hydrant-shaped fountain and bone-shaped pools.Maine

Belfast Dog Park at Walsh Field Recreation Area, Route 52, Hwy 1, Belfast
This new, fenced, dog park features 1.5 acres, separate small dog area, water, and benches.


Quiet Waters Dog Park and Beach, 600 Quiet Waters Park Road, Annapolis
This area includes a fenced dog park, with separate small dog area and rinse station, and beach access for dog swimming only.


South Boston Dog Park, Columbia Rd and William J. Day Blvd, South Boston
This newly opened dog park features benches, trees, and tunnels.


Shaggy Pines Dog Park, 3895 Cherry Ln Ave SE, Ada
This membership-based, 20-acre park is well-maintained as well as lit at night. It also has plenty of attractions, including a dedicated digging area called "doggy mountain," a one-mile jogging trail and a swimming pond with a deck, as well as human amenities like a store and coffee and treat bar. For overworked owners, the park even offers a dog shuttle service: A staff member will pick up your dog, take them to the park and bring them home for you.


Stone Mountain Pet Lodge Dog Park, 9935 Radisson Road NE, Blaine
This privately owned indoor/outdoor dog park features a cushioned floor and two isolated ventilation systems inside and two play yards outside. Fee is $10 per day.


Petal Dog Park, Dawson Cut Off, Petal
This dog park features two separate fenced enclosures for small and big dogs.


Broemmelsiek Park Off-Leash Dog Area, Wilson Rd, Wentzville, St. Charles
This 2.5 acre off-leash dog park features a covered shelter, shade trees, and small pond.


Canine Beach Dog Park, Bozeman Pond, 700-550 N. Fowler, Bozeman
This dog park is fenced on three sides on the forth side is a pond and has access to the beach for dogs.


Richman's Run Dog Park, Holmes Lake, 70th and Van Dorn, Lincoln
This 12 acre dog park includes a creek, picnic tables and trees.


Dog Fancier's Park, 5800 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas
This 12 acre, fenced dog park has 5 separate areas, water spigots, grass, shade structures, and benches and is usually used for dog shows, canine trials and agility training.

New Hampshire

American K9 Country's Public Dog Park, 336 Rt 101 at Camp Rd, Amherst
This privately owned, fenced, dog park is open from sunrise to sunset and is free to use.

New Jersey

Wantage Dog Park, 128 Route 628, Wantage
This fully fenced, off-leash, 8 acre dog park features two parks - one for big dogs and one for small dogs, Waste Disposal Bags, Separate Exits, Umbrellas and benches, Agility Course, Bathrooms and is open from Dawn to Dusk.

New Mexico

Dog Haven at Overlook Park, Overlook Dr, White Rock
This fenced dog park features tanbark, tunnel and overlooks the Rio Grande river canyon.

New York

Ossining Dog Park, 235 Cedar Lane, Ossining
This dog park features a wading pool, lights, port-o-potty, benches, shade tent, water, poop bags.

North Carolina

Northgate Dog Park, 400 W Lavender Ave, Durham
This fenced dog park includes a separate small dog area, benches, and water spigots.

North Dakota

Village West Dog Park, 45th St and 9th Ave S, Fargo
This fenced dog park features a separate small dog area, water spigots, shelter, and seating.


Bow Wow Beach, Silver Springs Park at 5070 Stow Road, Stow
This 7.5 acre dog park features grassy knolls and a sandy beach that lead to a 3 acre lake, separate areas for small and large dogs, six waste cans, drinking water and a dog washing station.


Paw OK Dog Park, 3303 NW Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City
Voted one of the best dog parks by Dog Fancy Magazine, it includes a small dog area, fencing, a beach for dog swimming, water spigots, benches, and trees.


Hazeldale Dog Park, SW Prospect Pl, Beaverton
This fenced dog park includes a separate small dog area and trees.


Beau's Dream Dog Park, 901 Buchanan Ave, Lancaster
Fun, high-tech features include splash pads and a tennis ball tree that launches balls for large dogs. It also has turf grass for cleanliness and plenty of structures for dogs to play on.

Rhode Island

Gano Street Dog Park, Gano St, Providence
This fenced dog park has a separate small dog area and benches.

South Carolina

Six Wags of Greer Dog Park, 3669 North Highway 14, Greer
This 8 acre, privately owned, dog park features three separate areas for different dogs and a 1 mile nature trail.

South Dakota

Spencer Park Off-Leash Area, 3501 South Cliff Avenue, Sioux Falls
This temporary off leash area includes a picnic table, plastic bag dispenser and trash can.


Maggie's Bark Park, 138 Claude Yates Dr, Franklin
This 2 acre dog park features a separate small dog area, walking trail, lights, benches, shade, gazebo, water stations, kiddie pools, and agility equipment.


Bear Branch Dog Park, 5200 Research Forest Dr, Woodlands
This 2 acre dog park has a separate small dog area, water spigots, water play area, shade, and benches.


Sandy Dog Park, 9980 South 300 East, Sandy
This 1 acre, fenced, dog park has trees, benches and a walking path.


Manchester Dog Park, Dana Thompson Park, Rec Park Rd, Manchester Center
This new, fenced, dog park is open from sunrise to sunset.


Ruff House Dog Park, Rockwood Park, 3401 Courthouse Rd, Richmond
This fenced dog park has two separate areas and drinking water that is available only in summer.


Warren G. Magnuson Dog Park, 7400 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle
This 9-acre park allows dogs to swim in Lake Washington and run and play across huge fields. After a hard day of playing, make sure and stop by the adorable food truck near the entrance that sells homemade treats for both humans and dogs or take advantage of the dog washing area.

West Virginia

Charleston Dog Park, Washington Street, Charleston
This dog park is fenced and double gated with benches. Open from sunrise to sunset.


Tails N Trails Dog Park, Elm St and West High St, Milton
This 18 acre, fenced, dog park features a small dog, agility equipment, swimming pond, drinking water, and trails.


Cheyenne Community Dog Park, 800 Southwest, Cheyenne
This fenced dog park has a separate small dog area, shade, and benches. Closed on Wednesdays and open 11am-6pm weekdays & 12pm-5pm weekends.


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