The Best Dog and Cat Halloween Costume Ideas You'll Find Online

The Best Dog and Cat Halloween Costume Ideas You'll Find Online

Find new ways to bring out your dog or cat's hidden alter ego with an awesome Halloween costume! We have compiled our favorite cat and dog Halloween costume ideas from some of our favorite resources on the web. So whether you have a teacup pup or an enormous tomcat at home, keep reading for everything you need to know about bringing out their inner ghoul this October!

Why get your pet in on the Halloween fun?

Halloween is a spooktacular time of year when the boundaries between reality and imagination are broken. All year, we humans get to indulge in our wild side for only one night! Whether you have a dog or cat at home or kids who want to dress up their favorite four-legged friend, this is an excellent opportunity to explore the playful side within all of us. You can find new ways to bring out your pets hidden alter ego with a fabulous Halloween outfit, and get in on the playful spirit of this spooky night together. Getting your pet in on the Halloween fun is an excellent opportunity for playful picture taking and bonding with your pet. Pet costumes also show you’re in the holiday spirit. Pets in costumes are hilariously cute and show how fun the holidays can be when you bring your favorite furry friend in on the fun.

Dog Halloween costume ideas

Dogs are social creatures who love to be part of the action, and Halloween is no exception! With costumes ranging from traditional looks like a ghostly dog robe or a spooky skeleton costume, to more unusual and quirky outfits like a taco, banana, or a hot dog bun costume, there are a wide variety of styles and themes to choose from. Beyond the most popular choices, you can also find many DIY (do-it-yourself) tutorials for easy homemade costume ideas for your dog. These include costumes made from everyday items like cardboard or paper bags, or even items you’d typically throw away like milk cartons and toilet paper rolls.

We love this Witch and Dracula Halloween Costume Kit from They're great for dogs or cats of any size and they don't restrict movement.


Cat Halloween costume ideas

Cats are fiercely independent creatures and often dislike the attention and proximity to other pets, especially when they're in costumes. With this in mind, there are still many options online to choose from or you can find plenty of DIY tutorials for easy homemade costume ideas for your cat.

We think these costumes are just fun and adorable.  


Tips for choosing a pet Halloween costume

Keep your pet’s comfort in mind when choosing a costume. If you’re dressing up your cat, make sure the costume is light and breathable, so they aren’t too hot or uncomfortable. If you’re dressing up your dog, make sure their costume has non-slip paws, so they don’t get hurt on slippery floors, and the outfit isn’t too long so they can easily walk around. Think about your pet’s personality when choosing a costume. If your dog is a bit shy, a costume that covers their face might make them feel more comfortable and secure. If your cat is more adventurous, a costume that allows them to walk freely and jump around might be the better option.


Halloween is a chance to get your pet in on the action and show off their cute side. Dogs and cats both enjoy dressing up for this spooky occasion, and with a wide variety of costume choices available, there’s no shortage of ideas for ways to bring out your pet’s personality. Looking for fun Halloween themed toys to gift your dog or cat? Don't worry, we have you covered, Visit our Halloween toy section here.

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