Starter Pack Extravaganza

Starter Pack Extravaganza

Start Your Collection!

Enjoy four of our best toys for one great price.

   We wanted to make things easy by offering four of our most loved products all wrapped up into one amazing price in our Starter Pack because we know buying your new dog some fun toys can be overwhelming.

   First time dog owners often ask, "where do I even start?". The answer is here! Our newest starter pack contains:

A Snuffle Bag
A slow eating; treat/catnip dispenser.
These are an important thing to have around. Dog's love to use their most important sense... Their sense of smell! Our snuffle bag promotes using their noses in a fun and playful way. Not only will they love it because sniffing is one of their favorite activities, but also because it incorporates treats!

The snuffle bag is a good tool to use to get them to slow down at meal time.

A Snuffle Ball
A treat dispenser; play fetch & tug.
Designed to impress, it's perfectly balanced to sail through the air or durable enough to withstand a game of Tug O' War! Hide treats for interactive sniffing fun or wet and freeze for your teething puppy.
A ReLuvAble
You'll luv our version of a plush heart.
A plush toy is a must have for dogs of any age; whether they're young or old, plush toys help with their oral needs. Dogs can use a plushie to help soothe achy gums that come when teething or with old age, they're also great in helping satisfy the need to tear something apart since dogs are natural predators.
Spiral Tug Toy(s)
Large Dog: XL Rainbow Spiral Tug
Small Dog2 Small Spiral Tug Toys (pre-assembled into a double tug)
Made to play tug-o-war and fetch, our tug toys are durable and tough yet soft on our hands and furry friend's teeth. We promise our toys will be the longest withstanding tug toy in your toy box, even if you allow your chewers to chew!


   Not only is this offer great for filling your dog's toy basket: keeping them happy, healthy, and active it's also an awesome way to save! You're able to start with the best of our products and receive a discount of over 25% while doing it. 
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