Quick and Easy Hair Accessory Tutorial

Quick and Easy Hair Accessory Tutorial

Cute, Easy, and Customizable!

This simple craft is perfect to do solo or with a child of any age.

What You Will Need:

To make your fun and fashionable ponytail holder, you will need the following supplies:

• Ponytail Holders
• Fleece Scraps
• Scissors
    Can you believe it? That’s all! 

    Getting Started:

       To begin, you will want to cut your fleece into strips. I cut mine into strips that were about an inch wide and four inches long, but you can cut yours any way you like! 
    Using decorative edge scissors would add a fun flare to your hair accessory. Once you've cut your fleece strips, it's a very easy and straightforward technique... All you do is tie your strips onto the ponytail holders and make sure you knot them tightly! Repeat this process until the ponytail holder is fully covered and voila! Your cute, new hair accessory is completed. 
    Be sure to tag us (@ChelsysToys) in any photos of the final product! We love seeing what you create using our upcycled fleece scraps.  
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