Product Highlight: Chelsy's Toy's Fleece-Yarn Balls

Product Highlight: Chelsy's Toy's Fleece-Yarn Balls

The team at Chelsy's Toys has come up with a new dog toy that will keep your pup entertained for hours on end. This fleece yarn ball is made of high-quality materials and is double stuffed with the smallest fleece pieces from our product lines to keep our zero-waste company commitment.

Get back to basics with this with one of the most popular kinds of toys for dogs. Our fleece-yarn ball dog toy is great for playing fetch with your dog. Our dog toy is great for dogs of all sizes; our crochet pattern allows dog teeth to latch onto the (handmade) Fleece-Yarn Ball easily.

This fleece-yarn ball toy is excellent for any size dog and can be used as a fetch toy or just for playing around. Your pup will love this new toy from Chelsy's Toys for months to come!

Click here to learn more and buy one of our crochet fleece balls.

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