Practical Life & Fine Motor Skill Tray Activity

Practical Life & Fine Motor Skill Tray Activity

Making Practical Life Trays And Working On Fine Motor Skills

Sewing Practical Life Activity Done At Joliet Montessori School
   Joliet Montessori School is an awesome school that accepted a fleece donation from us! They've created this practical life tray that included a sewing activity which helps improve hand eye coordination and muscle building in the students' fingers, both helping the children when it comes to learning how to write.

   We wanted to donate some of our fleece scraps to Joliet Montessori School because it's special to our family; our kids attended until Kindergarten. This school is very unique due to their curriculum using the Montessori Method. The basic idea of Dr. Maria Montessori's approach is that "education is the process by which we assist the child in unlocking his or her own unique potential."

   Using their uncommon approach, they create practical life activities! In this practical life tray, they practiced some great things to help them as the get ready to tackle writing. Follow along to recreate this with your children or students!

What You Will Need:

  • Fleece
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing Needles
  • Thread

How To Get Going:

   Begin by cutting out two identical shapes of your liking; in the craft they made at Joliet Montessori School, they chose hearts. Once you have your two shapes cut out, be sure to cut up your other fleece scraps into small pieces. After you're done with your cutting, it's time to move onto sewing! Sew together your two identical shapes leaving a small space open creating a pocket. With that space you've left yourself, you'll want to insert the small pieces you cut up. Now that you've stuffed your pocket, you can finish sewing up your project!



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