Perfect for Fall: Pre-Order Fleece-Yarn Balls in Halloween Colors

Perfect for Fall: Pre-Order Fleece-Yarn Balls in Halloween Colors

Got a hankering for fall? Yeah, we feel that, too. But before the leaves start changing colors and the weather starts getting chilly, let’s plan to make your home cozy for fall for our furry friends. Fleece-Yarn Balls in Halloween colors are one of those easy ways to bring a little bit of the season indoors with you at any time of year.

What is a Fleece-Yarn Ball?

Our Fleece-Yarn Ball is made up of recycled fleece that is crocheted into a ball. Made from our homemade Fleece-Yarn and double stuffed with the smallest fleece pieces from our product lines.  Fleece-Yarn Balls come in 2 sizes, tennis ball-sized, and softball sized. (all sizes are approximate)

Halloween Fleece-Yarn Balls - Chelsy's Toys

RUFF Product

Our Fleece-Yarn Ball is made with materials as a part of our RUFF Program (Reuse Upcycled Fleece for Fundraising). We reuse materials from our other lines of products in our Fleece-Yarn Balls for no-waste initiatives.

Handmade Dog Toys

We believe in giving back to our community. One of the ways that we give back is by keeping jobs and side-hustles local.  All our Fleece-Yarn Balls are crocheted by local moms and home-preneurs.

Preorders for Halloween Fleece-Yarn Balls

Pre-orders are now being accepted for Fleece-Yarn Balls in all your favorite Halloween colors. You have until September 1, 2022, to submit your pre-order and orders will be shipped by September 15, 2022. Visit our product page here to preorder.

(Not available for wholesale)

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