Over 200 Locations to Celebrate!

Over 200 Locations to Celebrate!

We are thrilled to announce that Chelsy's Toys has reached a milestone of 215 locations and growing! From our humble beginnings in 2006 with a patented tug toy, we have evolved into a brand with over 12 inventions and more to come. Our toys are now available in several locations across the United States, including Mud Bay in the Pacific Northwest and Wet Nose, our first wholesale location in Geneva, IL. We are also proud to have a handful of international locations, making us a global company.

Why Us?

One of the things that sets us apart is our commitment to quality and durability. Our journey began when I set out to create a long-lasting toy for my pittie mix, Chelsy. After several prototypes and Chelsy's paw of approval, we invented a sturdy toy like no other.

Our patented construction is devised of a knotting system that can withstand the strongest of pullers, yet the material used is soft and gentle on teeth and the owner's hands. We are able to condense 15 feet of fleece into a 15-inch toy, making it a very durable toy yet the pups can sink their teeth in-between the knots. And if you have a puppy, our toys are perfect for them too! Just wet, freeze, play, wash, and repeat.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store you can apply for a Wholesale Account to purchase at discounted pricing. If you have a favorite store you enjoy, please share our information with the owners/managers.  And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay connected and get the latest updates on new products and locations.

Thank You!

We are so grateful for the support of our customers and the success of our business. We started with a simple idea to create a long-lasting toy for our beloved Chelsy, and now we are proud to share our toys with dog owners and their furry friends all over the world. Thank you for being a part of our journey and we look forward to continuing to provide high-quality, durable toys for your pets.





Please enjoy this short clip of our newest invention: Two Hands Tug Toy.



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