Our New Luvable Toy!

Our New Luvable Toy!

ReLuvAbles: The Toy For Your Pup To Love On Endlessly!

   We are so excited to announce that we have a new product that embodies much of what we're about here at Chelsy's Toys! It's important to us that we do our part to help our planet. We pride ourselves on using upcycled fleece material to make our toys and finding ways to use the left over scraps with our R.U.F.F. Program!

   Our ReLuvAbles are made of and stuffed with our upcycled fleece. We officially use every bit of the upcycled material. These machine washable, plushies are duo-colored with an optional squeaker. How fun!

Pups Love Plushies

   Plush toys provide different benefits to different dogs! It’s definitely not unheard of for our precious pals to enjoy them by pulling out the stuffing, but it’s not the only reason dogs love them. Many dogs treasure them, treat them gently and appear to gain confidence from holding them. Dogs may enjoy interacting with plush toys for a number of reasons such as:

  • Soothing for sensitive gums or teeth.

   Whether your furry friend is young or old, a soft stuffed toy is one to consider. They're great for a teething puppy with aching gums. A soft plushy is also perfect for a senior dog with a tooth sensitivity.

  • Unstuffing them!

   Dogs are naturally predators which leads to their love for toys that they can really dig their teeth into and tear apart.

  • A great calming tool for an anxious dog.

    Stuffed toys can help bring comfort to dogs experiencing anxiety. Since dogs can’t easily communicate how they're feeling, they like to use stuffed toys as a self soothing tool. 

Our Hearts are filled with love for you!

ReLuvAbles have a special place in Chelsy's Toys Circle of Life,
get yours today.


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