Chelsy's Toys Favorite Instagram Accounts - July 2022 Edition

Chelsy's Toys Favorite Instagram Accounts - July 2022 Edition

We just love social media and the accounts we interact with the most.

There are so many amazing Instagram pet accounts, so we wrote this post to share a few of our favorites!

Here is a list of 5 stellar Instagram pet accounts for you to follow. Each of these accounts has an adorable star(s). They fill our feeds with smiles and belly rubs and cuddles, and we can’t wait to share these accounts with you.

1. Unique Doggie Duo
🐻 Bear Bentley🎾Kota Moments
2️ dogs 1️ account♾
🐶 Bear: St.Bernard mix 🐽🐿 💤🧀
🐶 Dakota: Lab mix 🎾🐿🎾🍞


    2. Bons and Bells

    🐾 Bonnie ♥️ Bella 🐾  it/its
    Bonnie: Lhasa mix w bionic knees🦿
    Bella-Lisa: Blue merle Mini Aussiedoodle princess👸🏻
    Smarties raised in 🍊C by @ranunculspetals


    3. Romi the Poodleboy
    I’z MegaCute & Gender Expressed PoodleBoy
    ♥️ my Kittiz & Mom @leslie_leddo
    ♥️ Featherz-Collarz-Bandanaz ♥️ to 🐾 run 🐾 play 🐾 jump


    4. Sophie and a Moose
    Sophie Girl & Moose
    Sophia Loren & Moose Caboose
    🚀HTX pups
    🐶 Shihpoo pit mix
    💙 2/16/21
    🐶 #sproodle

    5. Wild Wally HTX
    - Aka Kid Flash 🏃🏻⚡️
    - Stealing treats & hearts since I came out of the womb, boyyyy 😎
    - Sister: @clingy_cami
    - DOB: Jan 20, 2021 🥳
    - #Aussiedoodle


    These accounts and so many more of you help support us so much and we can't say how much we appreciate you all. So, every month we’re going to highlight 5 accounts to show our appreciation. To find out what we’re up to, follow us on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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