October Raffle for Animal Rescue's

October Raffle for Animal Rescue's

We're nearing the end of October, and our Coffee Cup Raffle for Rescue's is coming to a close.

The month of October with National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. For just $1 per ticket, we are raffling off an exclusive Chelsy's Toys Coffee Cup, with proceeds going to an accredited animal rescue group. You can buy unlimited tickets for yourself and your friends and family. Official drawing will take place to determine the winner. 

The Chelsy's Toys coffee cup winner will be announced on Oct 30th, and all proceeds will be donated to an accredited animal rescue group (TBD). If you have an animal rescue nomination, please email lisa@chelsystoys.com.

We also encourage you to go out and visit your local rescue and see if adoption is right for you and your family. You will save their life and improve your own by being such a fantastic, supportive, and heroic companion.

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