New Product Coming Soon!

New Product Coming Soon!

We Can't Wait To Introduce Our New Kitty ReLuvAbles

Your cat will be over the moon when they see what we're launching this week! A new Kitty ReLuvAble. These cute plushies are stuffed with our purr-fectly fresh catnip along with soft fleece fabrics to keep your toy plushed. They will also be available in a variety of colors, just like our canine ReLuvAbles.                                                                                                                                                     Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to stay in the know and find out the moment these hit the site!





Our Feline Products Help Your Cat Stay Happy And Healthy

It's no secret that owning a cat is much different than owning a dog, but the things they need to stay happy and healthy aren't very different! Just like dogs, cats need their daily playtime. Playtime is important to a cat's health because it keeps them stimulated.

Stimulation is key to keeping your cat's mental and physical health great. These furry friends thrive on challenges! If their environment is not providing them with something that allows them to use their brain and muscles frequently, a cat will soon find their own ways to do so. This can lead to torn up furniture and sleepless nights due to impromptu play sessions. In order to avoid that pent up energy, you can provide them with fun activities such as stimulating toys and games.

So keep a stash of our stimulating cat toys around and use them as often as you can!

Chelsy’s Cat Candy is the purr-fect treat for your feline friend. Pre-packed with 2 sacks of cat nip, this  toy will provide loads of fun for your paw-tner. Your cat will enjoy sinking their teeth into the soft yet sturdy center! 

Our Rainbow Snuffle Bag will provide your cat with an interactive way to eat their treats while providing mental stimulation! Sprinkle the desired amount of treats/catnip or dinner and shake into the hundreds of hidden places to activate your fur-end's natural hunting instincts. 

COMING SOON: Kitty ReLuvAbles! filled with fresh catnip and soft fleece fabrics, we know your cat will love this new product. The Kitty ReLuvAble line will be available this week in a variety of fun colors.

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