National Pet Dental Health Month

National Pet Dental Health Month

We love our pets, and their health should be a priority. After all, when they're happy, they are healthy.

Oral discomfort can cause our pets a lot of stress. By getting your pet checked out and fixing any problems with their teeth, you are making them much happier and improving their quality of life.


  1. Go to the vet

    Taking your pet to a regular veterinary check-up will include an examination of your pets’ mouth. Book an appointment for your pet and work to see if they need any treatments.

  2. Brush your pets’ teeth

    Softly brush your pets’ teeth using an animal’s toothbrush and toothpaste formulated for pets. Toothpaste for humans has way too much fluoride content, which can be toxic to animals, so seek a vet’s advice.

  3. Extra measures

    Support your pet’s dental hygiene by encouraging a balanced diet. An animal’s mouth, like ours, has a self-cleaning system.

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