Introducing Chelsy's Toys: Our Brand Voice and Mission for Sustainability

Introducing Chelsy's Toys: Our Brand Voice and Mission for Sustainability

As we navigate the ever-evolving world of the internet, Chelsy's Toys is excited to use this blog space as our brand voice. Our goal is to keep you informed about our brand missions, goals, and aspirations to better our community and offer the best possible products. Moving forward, you can expect to hear directly from me, Lisa Freeman, the owner of Chelsy's Toys. You can find me on Facebook at @lisahemmerichfreeman.

Social Media is BACK!

We're happy to announce that our social media accounts are back in full control! As you may know, earlier this year, our Facebook page was hacked, resulting in our Facebook and Instagram accounts being taken down or taken over by hackers selling unrelated products. This was a tough lesson for us, but we're grateful to have learned from it. Moving forward, we will prioritize our own platform, this blog, and then push our messages out to your favorite social media channels. We want to keep our fans informed directly from the source!

Brand Voice

I'm thrilled to be the voice of our brand and share our story with you. In our upcoming blog posts, I'll introduce you to our dedicated team of fantastic moms, dads, and grandparents who put so much love into the assembly of our products. You can expect to learn more about our goals and how we accomplish them in our little world of Chelsy's Toys production.

New Collaborations

We strongly support small businesses and sustainability. That's why we've been making wonderful business collaborations with other small and sustainable companies like Bear's Bites and EcoEnclose. You can now purchase Bear's Bites' one-ingredient treats directly from our store, and we plan to use more of EcoEnclose's eco-friendly retail packaging. I'll go into more detail about our brand collaborations in our upcoming blog posts. As you read this, I encourage you to ask yourself, "What can I do to become a little more sustainable today?"


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