Imagine Arts Gallery in Plainfield

Imagine Arts Gallery in Plainfield

Plainfield is very fortunate to have a Shane Rotkis 👩🏼‍🎨 and her home studio, Imagine Arts.  Ms. Shane (as some of her young students call her) has a wonderful community 🎨 art studio and offers classes to both children and adults.  Her classes are formulated to have fun and learn about the art you are creating.  Imagine Arts and Chelsy's Toys have partnered to create everlasting fabric art. Shane accepted our donations and has been incorporating fabric art into her classess. In celebration for Earth🌍month (April), Shane is offering an Upcyclying Fleece art class that will find various ways to use our fleece donations through canvas, sewing, embellishing, etc. 

Click here for more details or to book your seat. 

Imagine Arts is part of our R.U.F.F. (Reuse Upcycled Fleece for FUNdraising) Program.  As our business grows, we find ways to use our scraps.

Shane is also a mom to one of our bigget fans, Jackson, an Aireddale Terrier (non-allergenic and loves kids).  We LOVE him!


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