Helping Your Pet Adjust To Daylight Savings

Helping Your Pet Adjust To Daylight Savings

Preparing your pet for the time change ahead of us is a great idea. Here are three simple adjustments to make to get them ready to spring forward:

1. Feeding Schedule

Start changing their feeding times by small increments over the course of a full week before the time change. You can, however, make the change over a shorter period of time. Change the feeding time by 10-15 minutes each day and your pet will be ready for this year's Daylight Savings.

2. Change Up Their Walk Time

Start to vary their schedule on a day to day basis. Rather than a walk at 5:00pm every night, stagger your dog's walks – some days have a 5:00pm walk, others a 7:00pm walk, on others try 6:30pm. This variation can help you when your schedule gets crazy and it can also help your dog adapt more quickly to subtle shifts in the routine when time changes roll around.

3. Bedtime Changes

Bring their bedtime forward by 10-15 minutes each evening so they can get used to it gradually in time for the clocks changing. 

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