Celebrating National Dog Month

Celebrating National Dog Month

Fun Fact: Dogs are the #1 most commonly owned pets on the planet

National Dog Month launched in 2020, this observation held during the dog days of summer to celebrate our dogs! Some great ways to show your dog some extra love this month are:

Go Exploring 

Look for a dog-friendly park or restaurant near you that you haven’t visited before! You could even stop by a pet store to grab them something special on your way home.

Water Games 

Some great water games to play with your pup in the hot summer sun are:

  • Water Fetch
  • Flirt Poles or Flirt Sticks in the lake
  • Water Tug
  • Hose/Sprinkler/Sprinkler Pads


Check with your local yoga studio to see if they offer yoga classes that are dog friendly!




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