Guide to Training Puppy: A Dog Trainer Tells All

Guide to Training Puppy: A Dog Trainer Tells All

It's puppy season, y'all! And we're here to give you tips and tricks on training your new puppy or dog from Alyse, owner of Purely Balanced K9 Training (IG - waggingoodtimes), one of our favorite dog trainer's on Instagram. We had some specific questions for Alyse, and she has been kind enough to give us the information we all need to train your new furry friend at home successfully.

When Can I Start Training My Puppy?

Alyse: You can start training your puppy the day you bring them home. Training a puppy is never easy, but with consistency, repetition, and engaging exercises, commands will be recognized and obeyed in no time at all.

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What Commands Should I Teach My puppy?

Alyse: Whatever commands you like, however, I prefer to focus on engagement rather than commands. For puppies, the commands I find most useful are: sit, wait, and potty. It is important to teach your puppy that learning is fun, so instead of focusing on what commands I can teach them, I focus more on luring and rewarding the behaviors I like.

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How Long Should Puppy Training Take?

Alyse: Ideally, you want to make training part of your life, but for puppies, lots of short sessions are ideal and typically last 2-15 minutes. It will vary based on each individual dog. Training should always be fun, so if your puppy is distracted, don't force them to continue training; try to end on a positive note and do it again later.

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What Should I Ask A Potential Trainer About Their Qualifications?

Alyse: For general puppy training, I recommend joining a group class that focuses on socialization and relationship building. If your pup has behavioral problems, find a balanced trainer to train your dog in a private home session. It is important to ask this trainer what type of experience they have with issues similar to what you are experiencing. You also want to make sure any private trainer you work with uses LIMA principles (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive).

Puppy training is a process, and it can be very challenging. The major challenge is finding a method that works with your pet's individual needs and preferences. The best way to get your pup to do what you command them is to make time for them to engage and learn. To keep up with training tips and tricks, follow Alyse, waggingoodtimes, on Instagram. If you're looking for toys to use with training and engagement, shop our line of products, here.

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