Celebrating Ari's First Birthday

Celebrating Ari's First Birthday

March has arrived which means it’s giveaway time!

   Our beloved Arianna’s first birthday is this month and in her honor we are hosting a contest giveaway along with an awesome discount on one of our toys, read the blog to find out more!

Arianna’s Story

The best tugger in our house was one of four pups in a bucket!

   She was found by our friend Sara in a blue bin on the US Virgin Island, St. Croix. When she sent us a picture of the adorable blue eyed puppies, we fell in love instantly! After working with Jamison Daniel at the local rescue, Pawsitive Vibes, our girl was able to hitch a ride on a place to Chicago with a wonderful soul named Patti. She was gracious enough to share her seat and love on our pup during her travels.

We are forever thankful to Sara, Jamison, and Patti!

Arianna’s Toy

Since Ari is the best tugger in our house, we felt it was only right to make her her very own toy. The exciting colored Spiral Tug Toy resembles her because she is splashed with a little color, even her tongue has purple splashes! We named it after her, of course, calling it the Ariannaly Tug which is 25% off through March 20th!

To honor the birthday girl in an extra fun and exciting way, we are doing a Contest Giveaway!

   Because Arianna was found in a bucket, she’s been our mystery girl until now. We’ve always wondered what her DNA contained, so we finally made the leap and had some DNA testing done through Wisdom Panel!

   If you can guess what breeds she has in her, including the percentages, you just might be the Grand Prize Winner! The winner will be receiving some swag, a gift code for our website, and more. You don’t want to miss out on this contest!

Read some clues, how to enter, and the puptastic prize here, on our Facebook Page:

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