Fun And Easy Fleece Craft Tutorial

Fun And Easy Fleece Craft Tutorial

As part of our awesome R.U.F.F Program, we sell fleece scraps that are left over after making our tug toys. We love to find creative and fun ways for our Chelsy's Toys Fan Club to use them, that being said, we have a tutorial for you!

In order to make this cool craft, you'll need:

1. Fleece scraps, which you can purchase here

2. Paper or a poster board

3. Scissors

4. Glue

Completed project and supplies

This craft is so easy, we can't stop making them! You can customize it to create any picture your heart desires. All you have to do is stack the pieces of fleece you want to use, roll them up together, glue the ends, and cut the roll into circles. Once you have your fleece rolls completed, place them onto your canvas to assemble your ideal image then glue them down.

It's as simple as that, happy crafting!

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