From Little Hands To Little Paws

From Little Hands To Little Paws

We're Very Lucky And So Are Some Precious Pups!

We are excited to announce our latest R.U.F.F. Program project... We've teamed up with Daisy Troop 75807 to roll out some extra toys to donate.

   We were recently approached by a Girl Scout, Savannah, who wanted to do something wonderful for an Animal Rescue in her community. Of course, we were ready to help her achieve her goals!

   We donated some of our upcycled fleece materials to Savannah and her troop (Daisy Troop 75807) so they could get started on their project. Once the Troop Mom was able to prepare the fleece into strands, it was time to get to toy-making. Via Zoom, they decided to form their toys by braiding three stands together while putting knots at each end as well as the middle! How fun?!

   They seriously got to work making these dog toys. Daisy Troop 75807 was able to donate 70+ toys to Wags 2 Wishes in Plainfield, IL. We are happy to be a part of bringing over 70 dogs joy with their specially made toys.

Thinking Of Starting A Similar Project?

   Don't be afraid to reach out to us if you have a large project you want to tackle using some fleece scraps! We pride ourselves on being a 100% eco-friendly company and part of what helps us achieve that is our R.U.F.F. Program. Our R.U.F.F. Program is all about donating our left over scraps to art centers, schools and more.

Contact us to take part in our program which is saving our earth 1 bottle at a time.

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