Fleece Flower Craft Tutorial

Fleece Flower Craft Tutorial

We have a spring inspired craft tutorial for you!

This cute craft was made by some awfully cute kiddos!

   We are always searching for people and places that are looking to receive fleece donations, especially when they work with children. It's important to us that we help children get crafting because, "fine motor skills gradually build for children as they do activities to help strengthen their muscles and coordination." Crafts like "[coloring pictures and cutting shapes are an essential part of a child’s fine motor development]"

   We were able to find an awesome family to donate our fleece scraps to. They are constantly doing fun and easy crafts to help build their children's fine motor skills!

Meet The Brusk Family

   The Brusk family is made up of two loving parents, two brilliant little girls, and a few pets!

Here is their story:

   Joel and Tricia's family grew by one in January of 2015 when they had their eldest daughter, Jocelyn. In 2016, they were thrilled to learn that their family would be growing again! Come August, their second daughter Amelia was born!

   Amelia was born with a rare genetic disorder called Apert Syndrome which is most easily described as a premature fusion of bones. Due to this rare disorder, Amelia has had to endure many surgeries. After each surgery, came new skills to master, such as learning how to use her five fingers! A tool that they have continued to put to use to help her improve her fine motor skills are arts and crafts. She has gotten to master using her adorable hands by crafting and has loved every minute of it.

Follow their journey on their Facebook Page, Amelia's Adventure with Apert Syndrome!

   Since Amelia and Jocelyn both love to spend their free time crafting, we were thrilled to send them a big box of fleece for them to put to good use. We were glad to hear that the girls were over the moon when they received it! Their first craft that they made with the fleece was this cute flower.

Tutorial Time


  • Fleece
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Stencil (optional)


After gathering your supplies and materials, it's time to get your craft on.

Let's Get Started!

   To begin, you'll want to draw or trace the flower and stem design onto your fleece. Mapping out the design on your fabric just simplifies the process.
Once you've drawn your shape onto the fleece, it's time to cut the flowers out! I went ahead and began by cutting out a small circle for the center of the flower before cutting the flower itself. Once the flower, stem, and center circle were cut out it was time to get gluing. To glue the fleece down to the paper, I didn't use
anything fancy; a regular school glue will get the job done, though hot glue would work fabulously for this project as well. I first glued the stem down to the paper as the foundation for the flower, I then moved onto the flower shape. After the stem and flower were dry, I glued the circle onto the center of the flower! Once the center of the flower is dry too, the project is finished. If you'd like to add grass, a sun in the sky, clouds, a bumble bee, or anything else; now is the time! 





 To watch their cute IGTV Tutorial posted by Tricia Brusk, click the link below!





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