Finding The Perfect Toy For Your Pet

Finding The Perfect Toy For Your Pet

This is our guide to finding your pet the perfect Chelsy's Toy product:

We offer many different sized tugs for any sized dog — big or small; we have it all! Before buying a toy, make sure it is appropriate for your dog's current size to avoid any hazards such as choking.

Loving, gentle, laid back; sound like your pup? Our ReLuvAble is an excellent option for your furiend. We do offer them with squeakers and without. If you choose to purchase a ReLuvAble with a squeaker, we recommend supervised playtime to keep your dog safe.

For those with high energy, playful pals, our Tug Toys are for them! Our tugs are specially designed to last a lifetime, so even when your tough tugger goes to town like never before, these will hold up. Not only are they durable, but they're also comfortable for you to hold in your hand and pull on, as well as easy for your dog to bite and pull on. 

Our Snuffle Bag is great for dogs that get bored quickly. They provide dogs with a fun, rewarding experience. They're so easy to use! All you have to do is sprinkle the desired amount of treats/dinner and shake them into the hundreds of hidden places to activate your dog's natural curiosity. Your dog will love sniffing their way to every single piece.

The popular Snuffle Ball is made for our canine companions that love playing a game of fetch! They will soar through the air with ease and are soft enough to stay gentle on your dog's teeth when catching/retrieving them. 

Catnip-loving cats will love both of our cat products! We offer our classic Cat Candy, the relatively new Happy Fishing toys, and our Happy Cat Spray for our feline friends.

Thinking your dog would have a blast with all of our products? Check out our Starter Pack to save big.

Our products are handmade from soft, upcycled fleece fabric and are machine washable.

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