Family Fun Month

Family Fun Month

It’s Officially National Family Fun Month!

Include your whole family, even the furry family members, in the fun.

This August, we have so many fun activities planned for our followers! 

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Along with the weekly updates, check out these fun activities to do as a family:

Beach Day

A trip to the beach is always a fun way to spend the day for everyone! From sand castles to splashing away in the water, the beach has so much to offer.

Make sure that the beach you’re headed for us dog-friendly before going. Also, not all dogs can swim! Bring a doggy life-vest for your dog if needed.

Hit A Hiking Trail

A hike is something your whole family will enjoy. From the fresh air to the feeling you get when you reach the beautiful view you’ve been hiking toward... How could they not? Not only is it great to experience nature, it’s also a great way to get in some exercise for your family (including your pet).

Paws For A Picnic

Picnics are a great way to break up the day. Before heading out for a picnic, do some research before you go! Be sure to find a park or beach that welcome furry friends too.

Don’t forget the Snuffle Ball!

Ice Cream Date

Many ice cream shops offer treats for our fur-ends and it’s a pup-tastic way to end any day.

Pet Friendly Vacation 

Get away as a family! There are tons of pet-friendly resorts and rental homes across the country. See and experience something new, together.  

More to come!

Get prepared for the fun we’re planning. Spend time having your precious pal catch got your Tug Toys, Snuffle Balls, ReLuvAbles, or you can even catch your Snuffle Bag.

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