Family Collage Craft

Family Collage Craft

We Have A Family Fun Craft To Try!

As we continue to find fun crafts to do with our recycled fleece, we want to share them with you all. My family has been spending some extra time together and I’m sure it’s the same for many of you so we wanted to find a fun craft for everyone!

Of course, many of us are used to getting out and about. Without the luxury of family outings, we’ve been finding ways to stay busy. A fun project we did was coming together and making a collage!

Each member of the family used their own technique to create their own piece of the puzzle. Not only did we have fun creating our individual pieces, but we had a blast when it was time to come together and create the collage.

There are so many different and unique touches to our collage and we can't wait to see yours! Be sure that if you do this collage craft with your family to post a picture and tag @ChelsysToys on Facebook or Instagram so we can check it out. 

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First, we gathered all of our materials; the list includes: fleece, glue, scissors, and a large piece of poster board to glue down the collage.

Once we had everything we needed, we got to work! 

Everyone began making their own pieces that brought this collage to life. We rolled, we braided, and we simply cut out cool shapes.

To recreate the rolled pieces, you stack the desired colors upon one another, roll them up, then glue them together to stay rolled up. After the pieces are glued, it's time to cut the roll to create thin circular rolls.

Looking to braid some pieces like our braided nose? Simply take three pieces of fleece, tie a knot to secure them together, and braid as you would hair! Don't forget to tie another knot at the other end so the braid doesn't unravel.

My family also tied some pieces into cute little bows and cut out some basic shapes to form a beautiful butterfly!

After we were all done individually, we moved onto putting everything together to form our cool collage. We arranged everything how we liked it on our piece of poster board and glued it all down!

Check back next Monday for another craft tutorial!

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