Our Newest Tug

Our Newest Tug

Introducing Our Extra Long Tugs!

We wanted to properly introduce you to our newest tug, the Extra Long Tug.

    Our new tug was created with our bigger pals in mind because we know that dog toys are not always one size fits all. The extra long and extra strong tug is made up of a shorter handle, longer body, and shorter ends! These durable tugs are 17” long which is roughly 4” longer than our longest Spiral Tug, this offers more distance between your playful pup and little hands.

   Made for large and tough tugger, our Extra Long Tug Toys are a bigger size to fit the bite span for a horse or Great Dane. They also longer for the nibblers!

   As always, this is one durable tug toy! All of our toys are made of upcycled fleece which is soft and fuzzy. We make our toys out of fleece to give your hands a break from the rough material other companies use and to provide a way to help keep your pet’s oral health in check. Though our toys are made from a soft fabric, they’re tough! We have and use a patented knotting system that condenses 15 feet of fleece into one toy! Amazing, right? It doesn’t stop there. Our toys are made by hand, in the USA, from our strongest toy makers.

   We adore seeing your pets enjoy our products. Be sure to tag us (@ChelsysToys) in any pictures.

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